Bidding Tip #3

Bidding Tip #3

When RHO uses Stayman and you are in fourth hand and have five or six clubs headed by 2 touching honours or the Ace, double to alert your partner you want a club lead against any eventual contract.

A double of an artificial bid is called a lead directing double.

You hold: xxx xx xxx AKJxx

North  East 



1NT Pass 2♣ ?

Double. You want a club lead.

Do not double with clubs looking like this: Kxxxxx unless you Leo Duyvestyn !

Also use the lead-directing double when the opponents go through Ace asking. If the response to 4 or 4NT is a suit you want led, double!

Important! You hold: xx xxx KQ10x xxxx

West North


South (you) 

1 Pass 2 Pass
3 Pass 3 Pass
4NT Pass 5 ?

Double 5 to alert partner you want a diamond lead against an eventual spade contract. At the four level or higher a double of an artificial bid can be made with a strong three or four card suit eg KQx(x). If you don't double 5, partner is likely to take the inference that you didn't want a diamond lead.

Posted: Fri 10 Jul 2015